What Makes Us Unique


We provide impactful job-embedded professional development to drive results.



What We Do

Do you think long-term learning loss will be one of the consequences of school closure? 

What if we told you this does not have to be the case for your district and schools!  

We work within the context of your existing programs. Our collaborative data-driven approach provides districts and schools with the information needed to:


Targeted professional learning opportunities.


Learning pathways and address learning loss.


Learning and raise student achievement.

Better Schools Lead To Better Outcomes For Students

We are always reviewing the latest research methodologies and evidence-based practices to guide our work with districts and schools.

Our school improvement strategies and interventions meet the criteria of evidence-based practices under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) at Levels II or III.

Educational leaders are walking on a tightrope without a safety net as we move beyond the crisis. Our approach is collaborative and designed to be responsive to your district and schools.

Our professional development and coaching supports can be delivered face-to-face through a blended hybrid model or virtual learning platforms to improve student outcomes.

What Makes Us Unique?

As career educators ourselves, we understand the immense pressure teachers and principals face every day.

We design solutions tailored to the needs of districts and schools.

We like to keep things simple by implementing practical strategies informed by research-backed theories.

We offer a unique approach to job-embedded professional development that accelerates student learning.

We monitor and measure the impact on student learning over time to ensure that districts and schools realize student achievement results within a few short weeks.


What our clients say

Dr. Williams has consistently demonstrated her outstanding state level executive educational leadership abilities with leading by example and setting a national standard by creating one of the most impressive and comprehensive statewide professional development plans to address closing the achievement gap for all students.


-William Knudsen, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services United States Department of Education

Dr. Chandra Williams is a dynamic speaker and phenomenal leader, specializing in turnaround structures and processes. She served as the opening keynote speaker and as a conference presenter at our state education department symposium. Her sessions proved to be one of the highlights of the conference as each one of her sessions filled to capacity. Her understanding of the state agency’s responsibility as well as the school leader’s role in turnaround is unparalleled.


Jamilliah Longino, Ed.D. Former Executive Director for the Office of School Improvement Mississippi Department of Education

Turning around low performing schools is incredibility difficult work. Dr. William’s expertise in the field of special education allows her to provide a level of service that few in the industry can match. I am thankful for all of the advice and knowledge she has imparted to me and know with the utmost confidence that I am a better professional because of her guidance.


As Head of School/Instructional Leader at Kenneth W. Clement Boys Leadership Academy, Dr. Williams provided leadership coaching that afforded me the opportunity to sharpen my skillset as an instructional leader. The result of this support created a learning environment that impacted staff, scholars, parents and community with a focus on academic achievement and social-emotional learning.

Jacky C. Brown Sr., EDUCATOR: Action Team Coach L.I.F.T. Network Leadership Institute


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Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Identify achievement barriers and plan for student success.

what makes us unique

School Improvement

Create a strategic plan, identify strategies, and get results.

Leadership Development

Create a culture of accountability for student success.


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