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Are you concerned about school closure and the impact on your child’s reading skills?

We understand and share your concerns about the impact of school closure. The learning loss that some children experienced can be addressed with targeted tutoring sessions tailored to the academic needs of your child.

What We Do Best!

We Accelerate Learning and Get Results

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions teachers are passionate about making a difference, and they believe that every student can learn to read and write at proficient and advanced levels.

We offer individual and small group tutoring to K-12 students in public schools, private schools, and in the comfort of a student’s home during the school day, after-school, and on the weekends.

Driven by Results!

Passionate About Student Achievement

Our teachers are career educators experienced in different reading methodologies and have worked with a wide range of learning disabilities, helping students achieve success.

We use a variety of research-proven practices and evidence-based strategies or programs to deliver lessons tailored to each student’s individualized needs.

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Our Services

What Does the Research Say?

One in six children who are not reading proficiently in third grade fail to graduate from high school on time – Hernandez, 2012

Of low-income fourth-graders, 34% cannot read are not reading at a basic level. And fewer than 40% are proficient or advanced. – National Assessment Educational Progress, 2019


Getting To Know Your Student’s Learning Style

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions teachers will gather information from various sources such as speaking with parents, the student’s school and specialists reports. We will administer an assessment to identify the strengths and areas that may be a barrier to student performance in:

 Phonemic Awareness



 Reading Comprehension

 Vocabulary Development


After the assessment, the Center for Student Achievement Solutions teacher will share this information with the student’s parents and classroom teacher. The teacher will establish learning targets and design lesson plans to accelerate learning. Our lessons are structured, systematic, and implemented by using the Gradual Release of Responsibility model.

What We Do

We provide personalized one-to-one or small group tutoring services to students with or without learning disabilities. Each student’s tutoring plan is developed based on their individual learning needs. The Center for Student Achievement Solutions teachers deliver tutoring sessions in school settings, in the comfort of your home or online.

Research states that students who are at-risk for reading failure, diagnosed with a reading disability, or learning disability need a structured research-proven approach tailored to their specific needs to master the concepts and skills to read and write at proficient and advanced levels.

How We Work

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions teachers are well versed in various reading curriculums and structured literacy programs such as:

Orton Gillingham Methodologies

Wilson Intensive Reading

Lindamood Bell

Barton Reading and Spelling


Readers and Writers Workshop Model

Balanced Literacy

School district’s adopted reading curriculum programs

Tutoring Designed to Accelerate Learning and Get Results

No Child Left Behind means doing whatever it takes to ensure all students are successful in school. Our teachers design individualized programs for each student based on their specific instructional needs.

Tutoring sessions are delivered in school settings, in the comfort of your home, and online to elementary school students, middle school students, and high school students to improve student achievement in reading and writing, including:

academic enrichment

learning disabilities




help with a particular assignment or project

supporting reading and writing instruction in the classroom setting

homework support in reading, writing, and English Language Arts

Structured Literacy Approach for Dyslexic Students

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions teachers use a prescriptive, explicit, structured multi-sensory approach for dyslexic students. The lesson plans incorporate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways to enhance memory and written language learning skills.

Executive Function Skills

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions teachers embed executive function skills into each lesson to support students with:

 goal setting and planning

 time management

study skills


following directions


test prep


Our Services

How will my child benefit from working with one of our teachers?

Each student is assigned an experienced tutor who is well-versed in the instructional methods to address your student’s needs to accelerate learning and close achievement gaps. Students learn how to:

apply the new strategies across all subject areas.

advocate for their instructional needs to ensure teachers understand how they learn best.

be more confident and successful in school.

What is your approach to monitoring my student’s progress?

Our instructors use brief informal assessments to monitor mastery of concepts and skills. They also use assessments to establish new goals, make modifications or adjustments, and to customize lessons.

We provide detailed progress reports three times during the school year. Our instructors will share weekly progress notes and recommendations for teachers and parents to ensure that students practice and apply new reading strategies and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length and frequency of each tutoring session?

The length and frequency are tailored to the individual needs of each student. We recommend starting with two hours of instruction per week to ensure that students receive the instructional support needed to address achievement gaps. Most students participate in one or two hours of instruction per week throughout the school year.

How do I register for tutoring services?

1. Contact our office and speak with one of our friendly content experts by calling 347-436-8333 or click on this link .
2. Schedule an intake session so we can learn about your student, areas of concern, and goals for tutoring.
3. Complete registration form online.
4. District and schools contact us to discuss your student achievement goals.

Does the Center for Student Achievement Solutions only work with students with learning disabilities?

Our tutoring programs are designed to address the needs of all students.  Most students today are in inclusive classroom settings, which means general and special education students are learning together.  Our instructional programs are designed to support students’ instructional needs regardless of their school label or educational setting.  We use research-proven and evidence-based strategies and programs to ensure we can address the needs of all students.

Does the teacher collaborate with parents, teachers, and practitioners?

Yes, we consider everyone involved in the students’ instructional pathways as a partner in this process.

What is included in Tutoring Program?

We provide a comprehensive approach to tutoring instruction.  The tutoring program includes:

Parent and instructor conferences to discuss student progress.
Teacher and instructor contact via email and telephone.
Written progress reports.