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We help districts and schools identify barriers, prioritize instruction, close equity gaps, and get results.


Next Stop! School Transformation

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions’ comprehensive approach to school transformation is customized to address the individual needs of your district or school. As school principals, you may know of schools that have set ambitious goals to transform teaching and learning, only to be disappointed with continued low student achievement results.

We prioritize students, raise standards and work with districts and schools to build better outcomes for all.

What Happens During The Continuous School Improvement Process?

The three-step process we use to support school transformation includes a comprehensive needs assessment, focus on student achievement and the use of data to drive instructional decisions.

Step 1

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

We begin this process with the end in mind.  It is mission-critical to identify the gaps that may exist between where you are now and where you want to go.  The comprehensive needs assessment process includes: 

Prioritizing your needs.

Developing a strategic student achievement action plan.

Monitor progress toward school improvement initiatives.

school improvement
school improvement

Step 2

Focus On Student Achievement:

The evidence about successful schools is clear:  teachers have the greatest influence on student achievement, but only a principal can lead a school’s success story and sustain long-term improvements.  Our team of career educators collaborates with the leadership team, teachers, parents and students to assess:

1. How well does the school operate?
2. How effective is your instructional program?
3. What high leverage strategies are being implemented and the impact on student achievement?

Step 3

Culture Driven By Data and Student Success:

We work alongside districts and schools to identify the barriers to student success and provide evidence-based solutions. School principals and teachers engage in various forms of informal action research.

school improvement

How We Develop Your School Improvement Action Plan

A high-quality School Improvement Plan identifies the underlying causes of underperformance–not just the symptoms like low test performance. The process we use to develop your School Improvement Action Plan involves:

Learning about your student achievement strengths and needs.

Analyzing data to prioritize long-term goals and measurable short-term milestones for continuous improvement.

Providing ongoing, job-embedded professional development aligned to priority goals and raise student achievement.

Focus on evidence of professional growth and impact on student achievement.

school improvement

How the Continuous Improvement Process Cycle Works

We use the continuous improvement process cycle as a foundation for school improvement:

school improvement

The CSAS team will walk alongside your school leaders through every step of this cycle to achieve your school’s goals, build capacity and get results.

The Responsibility of School Leaders in Promoting Teacher Effectiveness

Your School Improvement Action Plan includes:

A Comprehensive Needs Assessment , which meets the requirements for federal funds including Title I, Title II, and Title IV.

Evidence-based strategies to address your school’s challenges and raise student achievement.

Professional development resources to build capacity and meet specific student achievement goals.

Methods for regularly evaluating the plans’ effectiveness.

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