Part 3: Final Preparations for the NYS ELA Test

by | Jan 23, 2024


As the NYS ELA test approaches, the third installment in our series is designed to refine the skills students have developed over the past six weeks and to solidify their test-taking confidence. This final phase is about consolidation, practice, and mental preparation.


Week 1: Synthesizing Skills and Knowledge


Focus: Combine all reading and writing strategies learned throughout the six-week plan.



  • Integrated Lessons: Create lessons that require students to use multiple reading and writing strategies simultaneously.
  • Group Projects: Assign group projects that involve research, writing, and presentation to encourage collaboration and synthesis of skills.


Week 2: Advanced Comprehension and Analysis


Focus: Hone students’ abilities to comprehend more complex texts and analyze them critically.


  • Comparative Analysis: Students compare and contrast themes and characters across different texts.
  • Critical Discussions: Facilitate Socratic seminars to deepen analytical skills and verbal expression.


Week 3: Intensive Writing Workshops


Focus: Conduct workshops that focus on writing clarity, structure, and style.



  • Peer Editing: Implement rigorous peer-editing sessions that focus on specific writing skills each day.
  • Writing Clinics: Hold targeted clinics for students to work on areas of writing they find challenging.


Week 4: Fluency and Stamina Building


Focus: Enhance students’ reading fluency and stamina to handle the length of the actual test.



  • Timed Readings: Increase the length of timed reading passages incrementally throughout the week.
  • Endurance Reading: Encourage extended periods of silent reading with diverse material types.


Week 5: Mastery of Test Format and Content


Focus: Ensure students are familiar with the test format and can navigate different question types confidently.



  • Test Question Dissection: Break down each question type and discuss strategies for answering them.
  • Practice Tests: Administer full-length practice tests under timed conditions to mimic the test day experience.


Week 6: Stress Management and Mental Preparation


Focus: Teach students strategies to manage test anxiety and mentally prepare for the test day.


  • Relaxation Techniques: Introduce deep breathing exercises and positive visualization.
  • Confidence-Building: Share success stories and positive affirmations to boost students’ self-confidence.


Throughout the Six Weeks:

  1. Continuous Review: Regularly revisit key concepts and strategies to reinforce knowledge and skills.
  2. Formative Assessments: Use quick checks for understanding and mini-assessments to gauge readiness and retention of material.
  3. Tailored Interventions: Provide additional support for ELL, special education students, and struggling readers, ensuring they have the resources and strategies needed to approach the test with confidence.
  4. Communication with Parents: Keep parents informed about their child’s progress and ways they can support at home, especially with reducing test anxiety and supporting study habits.


Resources for Teachers:

  • Practice Tests and Answer Analyses: Utilize available practice materials that mirror the ELA test format.
  • Instructional Webinars and Workshops: Participate in or conduct webinars focused on test preparation strategies.
  • Literacy Apps and Online Games: Integrate technology to reinforce skills in an engaging manner.

By following this final phase of preparation, teachers will ensure that their students not only have mastered the necessary academic skills but also possess the confidence and mental fortitude to excel on the NYS ELA test. This comprehensive approach positions students to perform at their best, reflecting the cumulative effort of their teachers and the support from their broader school community.