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Our job-embedded professional development is customized and designed to accelerate learning and raise student achievement.


Research-Proven, And Data-Driven
Professional Development Supports

Peer-reviewed research suggests that one-time professional development workshops do not drive lasting change in schools.

If insufficient professional development has let you down in the past, it’s time to work with the Center for Student Achievement Solutions to experience impressive growth and remarkable student achievement results.

What We Do Best

Our Services

Instructional Coaching

For School Leaders Who:

 Need to retain teachers and provide students with high-quality instruction to raise student achievement.

Are frustrated with “typical” generic professional development that is not personalized to the needs of your staff and students.

Need to provide instructional coaching support that is integrated into the teachers’ day-to-day activities to respond better to the active way teachers learn best.

How It Works

We focus on improving student outcomes through a collaborative strengths-based approach to identify professional growth goals.

Align and implement standards-based curriculum, instruction and assessments to successfully close equity and achievement gaps by helping teachers incorporate high leverage strategies into their lesson plans.

We provide job-embedded professional development that addresses your schools’ daily challenges to improve teaching and learning to boost student achievement.

Results and Benefits

School leaders understand the theory underlying the new evidence-based strategies implemented by teachers to increase student achievement.

Improved teaching practice and improved student outcomes.

Teacher retention and change in school culture.

Leadership Development

For School Leaders Who:

Need to create a school culture and climate of excellence.

Aren’t sure how to get teachers to hold students accountable.

Are tired of paying for ineffective professional development.

Our Services

How It Works

We learn from you as you share your concerns regarding school culture, teaching and learning, student achievement, and more.

We use evidence-based, job-embedded professional development, and coaching support to help you create and implement a 90-day strategic school improvement strategy.

We help you build the skills you need to provide effective professional development, coaching support and motivational feedback to your faculty and staff.

Results and Benefits

Inspire a culture of inclusion, equity, and excellence.

Grow a team of highly effective teachers.

Realize improved student outcomes.

Our Services

Teacher Development

For School Leaders Who:

Need to significantly increase academic performance.

Are frustrated by high turnover, especially among new teachers.

Need to address the academic and behavioral needs of special education students, English Language Learners, Gifted and Talented students and other student subgroups.

How It Works

We conduct instructional rounds to observe teachers’ instructional strategies and classroom management techniques.

Working collaboratively with your school leaders and teachers, we learn which specific, targeted evidence-based practices are needed to improve student outcomes.

We provide job-embedded professional development to help teachers embrace curriculum standards and learn how to use differentiated instruction and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) to support all students’ needs.

Results and Benefits

Increase student achievement results.

Implement differentiated instruction and MTSS to serve all students’ needs.

Retain and refresh your high-quality teachers.

Literacy Instruction

For School Leaders Who:

Need to effectively teach students how to read.

Are frustrated with reading and writing proficiency results.

Need to address the needs of students who have learning gaps in reading and writing.

Our Services

How It Works

We use your current curriculum resources and provide research-proven practices and evidence-based strategies to strengthen tier 1 core instruction.

Our team of career educators work side by side to model, demonstrate and co-teach instructional strategies that are impactful and raise student achievement.

We provide job-embedded professional development and coaching support with the implementation of the research and science behind reading and writing through a balanced approach, ‘not a one size fits all.’

Results and Benefits

Understand the science behind reading and balance literacy to meet growth and proficiency targets.

Implement differentiated instruction and reading intervention support to address the needs of struggling readers.

Teach all students to read at proficient and advanced levels.

Our Services

Special Education

For School Leaders Who:

Need to create inclusive and equitable classrooms that improve the outcomes of all students.

Aren’t sure why special education students are not making adequate progress, and the achievement gap is widening.

Need to address learning gaps and skill regression to close achievement gaps.

How It Works

 We provide job-embedded professional development to help teachers Interpret diagnostic, formative, benchmark and summative assessment results to identify students’ strengths and areas of need to plan individualized instruction.

Educators learn, practice, master, and reflect on the implementation of research-proven practices and evidence-based instructional strategies designed to address learning gaps, and skill regression to close achievement gaps.

Implement evidence-based, inclusive teaching practices, model cognitive strategies, and provide differentiated and individual supports to improve the outcomes for students with disabilities.

Results and Benefits

Design inclusive and equitable lesson plans based on the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) model (I do it, We do it, You do it) to teach to mastery and improve student outcomes.

Effectively implement and sustain programs and evidence-based strategies that comply with regulations and meet diverse learning needs.

Inclusion and self-contained classroom teachers are equipped to support the academic and behavioral needs of students with disabilities to boost student achievement.

We design professional development experiences that address how principals and teachers learn, as well as what they learn.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

For School Leaders Who:

Must address accountability measures for school letter grade designation and student achievement results.

Are required to audit their school climate, culture, and stakeholder relationships.

Need help identifying research and evidence-based action steps to improve student achievement.

Our Services

How It Works

We collaborate with school leaders, teachers, parents, other community members, and students to reflect on the previous school year.

Using qualitative and quantitative data from these reflections, we identify areas of strength and areas which need more focus in your school.

We provide you with a detailed, comprehensive report which includes research-proven practices and evidence-based strategies to improve student achievement.

Results and Benefits

Meet requirements for Title I funding.

Clear, focused long-term goals for student achievement.

Specific, measurable short-term milestones for continuous improvement.

Our Services

School Improvement

For School Leaders Who:

Need to show measurable improvements in closing student achievement gaps.

Are concerned about the school’s culture and climate.

Want to help teachers understand why they need to use assessments to plan standards-based instruction.

How It Works

We conduct a Comprehensive Needs Assessment to ensure we plan professional development, which addresses the root cause of your school’s challenges.

Working collaboratively with your leaders and teachers, we determine student proficiency targets and develop an evidence-based assessment system to measure student performance.

We create an action plan to implement an evidence-based phased in approach to reach your school’s goals without causing initiative fatigue.

Results and Benefits

Accelerate learning and close your student achievement gaps.

Reduce exclusionary discipline practices.

Nurture a positive, healthy school culture and climate.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Classrooms today are complex and dynamic learning environments. Identifying the range of factors that positively impact student achievement has been a major focus of research.


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