Our Approach


We help districts and schools analyze student achievement results, identify priorities, and achieve student success.



Where School Improvement Begins!

We know that great teachers and school leaders are the most important factors in raising student achievement.  All of our consultants are career educators who have experience building better outcomes for everyone — including students, teachers, and school leaders.

Your CSAS consultant can offer a fresh set of eyes, a wealth of experience, and evidence-based professional development solutions to inspire your team to improve, succeed and surpass school improvement targets.

What Makes Professional Development Effective?

Excellent schools are led by collaborative teams. School transformation requires systemic changes at every level of leadership, and we have the resources to help you implement these changes.

Our Approach

We work with education leaders to provide professional development that is:

Based on Evidence

Best practices supported by research inform the custom solutions we design with you for your school, or district.

Focused on Curriculum

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all professional development plan. All professional development solutions, including coaching supports and other resources, should align with your curriculum, prescribed standards, and student achievement goals.


It’s easy to spread yourself too thin when trying to improve your school. Professional development is most effective when it targets a few specific areas of improvement. We match your team with content area experts who can address your most pressing needs.

Our Approach


Educators each bring a unique background and set of experiences to their work. Schools become equitable, inclusive, and excellent when educators work in cross-grade, cross-departmental, and cross-school collaboration with one another.

Our Approach


One-off training events are not enough to support student growth in the long-term; professional learning must be frequent and consistent. We incorporate job-embedded learning opportunities for educators in their daily work and provide timely feedback to improve practice.

Our Approach
Our Approach
Our Approach

Research And Evidence-Based Solutions

Our approach is grounded in evidence-based teaching and learning built upon the research of Linda Darling-HammondJohn HattieBruce Joyce and Beverly Showers. 

Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning is used to ensure that we design metrics to monitor and measure professional growth and the impact on student achievement. 

How We Help School Leaders

Your CSAS content-specific team of career educators will help your school leaders:

Our Approach

Assessments and analysis are the first steps to improve student achievement but knowing the right questions to ask is key to getting the right results.

This approach is designed to help districts and schools avoid the trap of being data rich but information poor.

Professional Development That Is Clear, Collaborative, And Actionable.

As we work toward your schoolwide transformation, we will:

Conduct A Comprehensive Needs Assessment

We collaborate with the leadership team to determine your district or schools’ strengths and identify the root cause of each area of concern.  We use this information to determine school improvement priorities and student learning targets.

Differentiate Professional Development

Our job-embedded professional development approach supports using the Gradual Release of Responsibility approach through a simple application process.

A. I do it, then
B. We do it, and finally
C. You do it,

Measure and Monitor Progress

We support your district and schools using a structured data-driven approach to monitor and measure student achievement growth and proficiency. This process is grounded in the core components of an effective Professional Learning Community (PLC) to ensure that your systems are responsive to your staff and students’ needs.

We prioritize students, raise standards and work with districts and schools to build better outcomes for all.


Our Approach

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 Leadership Development

Create a culture of accountability for student success.

Literacy Instruction

Transform literacy instruction and accelerate learning. 

Special Education

Learn high-leverage cognitive strategies and close skill gaps.


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