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We strengthen leaders and teacher’s instructional expertise to improve the outcomes for all students.


Accelerate Professional Growth, And
Achieve Real Results Faster

Do your teachers voice concerns about the traditional ‘sit and get’ model for professional development?

Is your school suffering from the failure to launch newly learned practices syndrome?

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions’ supports your school leaders with identifying priorities to design an evidence-based plan for professional development learning opportunities to accelerate your teacher’s success. 

As your guide on the side, we help your school leaders create a culture of autonomy and accountability to ensure educators have a voice and choice about topics that are relevant to them with measurable student achievement results. 

The Right Solutions For The Right Results.

What We Do

The key to our success is our career educator’s expertise in adult learning theory and differentiated supports to build capacity and long-term sustainable evidence-based practices.

Our coaching model is strengths-based, explicit, systematic, and student-centered.  We keep things simple by focusing on what matters.

We use real-time student assessment data, and the analysis of your student work to implement evidence-based instructional practices that improve student achievement.  

instructional coaching

What Makes Our Approach So Effective?

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions research and evidence-based coaching model is aligned to the research and meta-analysis in Visible Learning by John Hattie and grounded on the instructional coaching evidence-based methodologies of Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Coaching, and Instructional Coaching.

Our Gradual Release of Responsibility approach to coaching:

1. Job-Embedded Professional Development

Our expert coaches provide job-embedded professional Development, modeling, and demonstration for new evidence-based strategies.

2. Reflective Coaching Conversations

Our expert coaches facilitate collaborative and reflective coaching conversations.  We also use real-time data to prepare and plan side-by-side coaching and guided practice.

3. Actionable Feedback

Educators implement new evidence-based practices, and our expert coaches observe to provide coaching and bite-size actionable feedback.

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions structured job-embedded professional development approach ensures implementation of evidence-based practices by using the coaching cycle to:

Provide one-to-one coaching sessions.

Work with small groups to reflect and refine practices.

Model, and co-teach evidence-based practices.

instructional coaching

What Does The Research Say?

Verhaeghe (2005) showed that 15‐hours of contact time in an instructional coaching model produced results similar to that of 35‐hours of contact time in traditional professional development activities.

Why Choose Us?

Our evidence-based structured approach builds consistency, internal capacity, and sustainability. The Center for Student Achievement Solutions’ job-embedded professional development is tailored to address the real challenges, which helps school leaders and teachers own, the evidence-based programs and practices discussed in the coaching sessions.

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We work with education leaders to provide professional development that is:

instructional coaching

Real Time Feedback

The magic happens inside every classroom, which is why we spend time with school leaders and teachers observing teaching and learning, implementing co-teaching, modeling evidence-based practices, and supporting grade-level team meetings.

What makes our approach unique is that our reflective coaching sessions are student-centered.  We focus on what students were actually doing inside the classroom and whether they learned the content that was taught.

By Educators, For Educators

We value the knowledge, strengths, and experiences of the educators who work in districts and schools, and the research has proven that educators and their students benefit from on-going job-embedded professional development and coaching support.

Our solutions for job-embedded professional development is designed with you to target areas of concern. As your trusted partner, you will benefit from conferences and interactive workshops that are tailored to address relevant topics and grade-level content to improve the outcomes of all students.

High-Quality Virtual Professional Development

Interactive and engaging professional learning opportunities with consistent coaching support to improve teaching and learning, accelerate learning and increase student achievement. Our expert coaches collaborate with your district or school leaders and teachers to recreate face-to-face coaching sessions.

We connect with educators via your preferred virtual platform or our online platform. Our extensive video streaming and live chat options provide school leaders and teachers with opportunities to ask questions to foster an environment of collaborative professional learning from the convenience of their preferred location.

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One-on-One Video Coaching

We offer one-on-one video coaching as an optional component to the coaching process to provide school leaders and teachers with the opportunity to see classroom instruction through the same lens as their expert coach.

This approach provides educators with an opportunity to interact face to face or virtually to discuss reflections, receive real-time bite-sized actionable feedback about the evidence of student learning to truly sharpen evidence-based practices, and plan future instruction to raise student achievement.

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Continuing Education

We offer webinars throughout the year to support school leaders and teachers with timely and pertinent information to use and increase student performance.

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