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Do You Have A Question?

I want to increase my student achievement results. Where do I start?

Give us a call at (888)475-8889 or click here to contact us, and we’ll guide you through the root cause analysis and professional development planning process. Our team will match you with a content expert consultant, poised to meet your school’s or district’s unique needs.

What are the costs?

Our collaborative solutions are customized based on your district or school’s professional development, coaching support or technical assistance needs.  We’ll work with you to create a sustainable professional development plan that’s aligned to your vision for student achievement success and, most importantly we are career educators who understand the concept of budget friendly pricing.


Can I learn about a consultant’s area of expertise before I decide?

When you contact us, we’ll assist you with selecting the appropriate content expert consultant . We want to exceed your expectations, and the content expert consultant must align with your goals as well as integrate smoothly into your district and school’s culture.

Will I be able to contact the expert before my on-site professional development and coaching support dates?

Absolutely! After the contracting process is complete, we’ll put you in touch with your content expert consultant to plan for your on-site, hybrid or virtual support date(s).

What can my staff do to prepare?

We’re happy to work with you and your curriculum coordinator to determine whether the most appropriate resources are the ones you are currently using in your district or we can recommend relevant professional books and journal articles, videos, webinars, and other resources to help your team prepare for your on-site, hybrid or virtual professional support date(s). Your content expert consultant will collaborate with you to plan the on-site, hybrid or virtual support and resources.

How long is a typical on-site, hybrid or virtual engagement?

We typically work with schools for a minimum of a month up to an entire school year to ensure you are on track to achieve your district or school’s priorities. The research is clear about “one and done or drive-by professional development” and the impact on instructional leadership , teacher effectiveness and student achievement . It’s important to identify your professional growth goals to design a professional development plan that aligns with your student achievement targets.

Are resources included with the on-site, hybrid or virtual support date(s)?

We will collaborate with you to select materials that compliment or supplement the focus of your district or school’s professional development plan or focus for curriculum, instruction, assessment, data collection and analysis, special education, social emotional learning, trauma informed teaching strategies, proactive and positive behavioral interventions and supports, reading, writing, and mathematics. In most cases, resources are not included in the price of your professional development or job-embedded coaching supports.

What do I need to provide for the in-person, and hybrid trainings?

• A suitable learning environment, including tables and chairs for trainer and participants
• Any relevant products or materials
• Sound system (as needed)
• Internet access
• LCD projector

Below is a list of additional items that our trainers generally request be made available for the in-person and hybrid professional development sessions. Please contact your trainer at your earliest convenience to discuss which items they will need for your training session.
• Chart paper
• Flip chart
• Variety of markers for flip chart
• Pack of sticky notes for each participant
• Markers for tables
• Pair of scissors
• Roll of masking tape
• Blank paper for tables
• Tent Cards or Name Tags

What are the qualifications of the trainers?

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions manages professional development , job-embedded coaching and technical assistance by region to ensure our clients are getting the most customized trainings and support possible.
The Center for Student Achievement Solutions trainers are made up of experienced educators.
Our trainers have either a master’s or doctoral degree in content specific areas of education and still hold valid certifications in their field of expertise. Each trainer has extensive experience conducting interactive professional development workshops and one-on-one coaching support—so you can trust them to deliver the high-quality support you’ve always counted on from the Center for Student Achievement Solutions.

How far in advance should I book my on-site, hybrid or virtual support date(s)?

We recommend that you contact us as soon as you are ready to plan your on-site, hybrid or virtual supports. Generally, a variety of factors, such as the time of year, the consultant’s schedule, etc., affect the process. We have scheduled dates as far in advance as two years and as early as two weeks out.

What's the best way to follow up in between on-site, hybrid or virtual support date(s)?

We recommend that you email your consultants in-between visits to schedule additional virtual supports to ensure you are able to implement the newly learned content with integrity. In addition, we can schedule an interactive webinar as a follow up professional learning opportunity and coaching support.

Am I responsible for making my content expert's travel arrangements?

No, our consultants handle their own travel arrangements.