Comprehensive Needs Assessment


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What Are The Potential Root Causes Of Inequities Or Performance Gaps?

Are you concerned about the ‘COVID-19 Slide’ and learning loss?

The Center for Student Achievement Solutions Comprehensive Needs Assessment rapid results tool helps districts and schools with the identification of learning loss related to COVID-19.  Our tool creates a real-time snapshot of student achievement and identifies which students were most impacted by school closures.

Would you like to identify priorities and accelerate learning?

Our team of career educators understands continuous improvement requires more than just a report. We collaborate with the leadership team to develop a comprehensive school improvement plan and outline the changes that need to be made to accelerate student achievement.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

How We Conduct A Comprehensive Needs Assessment?

The Comprehensive Needs Assessment is an ongoing process of review, reflection, revision, and improvement to clarify the vision for student achievement success.

We collaborate with your school community of stakeholders to conduct a data-driven process of interviews, focus groups, and classroom observations.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Our team will provide a detailed analysis and write a Comprehensive Needs Assessment report for your school based on our findings. This assessment acts as the foundation for the schoolwide plan required by:

Federal funds, including Title I, Title II, and Title IV funds.

State funding sources, depending upon the state where your school is located.

Local funding sources, depending upon your school district.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Strategic Action Plan

We will also write a comprehensive 90-day action plan for the fall and spring semesters with research-proven practices and evidence-based strategies to address your school’s complex challenges.

This report includes:

Long-term key performance goals for student achievement.

Progress monitoring check-in dates to ensure the district and school is on track to meet their targets.

What Happens After the Comprehensive Needs Assessment?

We work with your school to develop a School Improvement Strategy, which includes the components required by Title.

Your School Improvement Strategy will include:

1. Measurable

goals, indicators, and milestones.

2. Evidence-based

strategies to meet long-term and short-term goals.

3. Relevant

supportive professional development resources for school leaders and teachers.

4. Evaluate Progress

Methods to regularly evaluate progress.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

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