About Our Team


How It All Started

Our vision was simple; provide school leaders and teachers with high-quality professional development learning experiences to accelerate learning, close student achievement gaps, and improve the outcomes of all students.

about our team

School Transformation Visionary

In 2012, Chandra Williams, Ed.D. founded the Center for Student Achievement Solutions to bring a decade of continuous school improvement knowledge-to-practice research to districts and schools. Dr. Williams research has primarily concentrated on data driven school improvement equity, inclusion, and transformational leadership.

Data Driven Decision-Making Process

Through our work with districts and schools. We noticed that most schools had an expectation or process to analyze assessment results. The challenge was that educators did not know how to go deep enough to see what was actually behind the numbers.

Data Tells The Story About Student Success

We were tired of seeing our colleagues analyze data only to learn that their student achievement scores had declined and the achievement gap was moving in the wrong direction.

The data were telling the same story over and over again we decided to develop research and evidence-based customized school transformation solutions to accelerate learning, close student achievement gaps, and raise student achievement.

Passionate Educators Committed to Equity and Excellence


As K-12 career educators, the CSAS content experts know and understand the challenges that districts and schools face daily. By working side-by-side with school leaders and educators, CSAS can design customized solutions that honor your district and schools’ vision and mission.

We provide impactful job-embedded professional development solutions that further fosters student achievement and overall school success.

Our Team’s Expertise

With extensive knowledge of adult learning theory, evidence-based best practices, and current research, our team of career educators has worked at every level within the educational system.  

Our national content experts are experienced and accomplished professionals who serve as a valuable resource to your district and schools on a range of content related to school improvement, leadership development, teacher development, instructional coaching, and related disciplines.

Meet The Team

Chandra Williams, Ed.D.

Ronald Brown, Ph.D.
Special Education

Brenda Eagle, M.S.
Literacy Coach

Lisa Goldstein, M.S.
Instructional Coach
Olga Gonzalez, M.S.
Leadership Coach
Beverly Jackson, Ph.D.
Leadership Coach
Juan Ramirez, M.S.
Certified ABA Consultant
Lori Rice, M.S.
Instructional Coach
Allison Robinson, M.S.
Project Coordinator
Anita Rosenberg, M.S.
Literacy Coach
Habieb Williams
Wendy Winkle, Ph.D.
School Improvement Director

Explore Our Solutions

 Leadership Development

Create a culture of accountability for student success.

School Improvement

Create a strategic plan, identify strategies, and get results.

Instructional Coaching

Improve school culture and reduce achievement gaps.


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